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GRV | Cosmotec



Designed for external mounting.
They cover an air flow rate range from 50 to 500 m3/hr. All the fans are mounted on ball bearings with MTBF of 40000 ore.
IP44 protection degree.

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      Version Voltage Frequency Height-Width-Depth Fan Flow Downloads
      GR12 GRV1200220 230 50/60 130X130X65 50 m3/h Cut-out Layout
      GR12 GRV1200222 115 50/60 130X130X65 50 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR25 GRV2500220 230 50/60 255X255X130 100 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR25 GRV2500222 115 50/60 255X255X130 100 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR30 GRV300A220/
      230 50/60 323X323X160 500 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR30 GRV300A222/
      115 50/60 323X323X160 500 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR30 GRV300A207/
      400 50/60 323X232X160 50 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR2501 GRV2501220 230 50/60 255X255X140 220 m3/h Cut-out – Layout
      GR2501 GRV2501222 115 50/60 255X255X140 220 m3/h Cut-out  – Layout