WRA Rack

//WRA Rack

WRA Rack


  • Compact structure rack 19” 8HU
  • Three removable panel and air filter accessible from the front panel
  • Zinc-plated steel frame polyester powder RAL9005 orange peel finished
  • Panels zinc-plated steel, polyester powder RAL9005 orange peel finished
  • Flat base for installation into cabinet rails
  • Lifting kit

Refrigerant Circuit

  • Single circuit air condensed
  • Hermetic reciprocating compressor
  • Ecological refrigerant gas R134A
  • Condenser with aluminium fins
  • Evaporator with stainless steel plate
  • Thermostatic Expansion valve with MOP

Hydraulic circuit

  • Standard equipment with pump and tank
  • Fluid: water and antifreeeze
  • Non ferrous circuit
  • Peripheral pump
  • Adjustable by-pass with manometer
  • Electrical level indicator standard

Electrical Circuit

  • Electrical panel for indoor installations
  • Control panel with general switch and alarms diagnosis
  • Electronic thermostat with temperature precision +/-1K
  • Power supply and signals with 2 connectors
  • Standard signals: general alarm, on-off remote control
  • Antifreeze protection

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Versione Resa Frigorifera L35L35 DIN3168 Downloads
PROTHERM CVE03 360÷380 W
PROTHERM CVE05 500÷580 W
PROTHERM CVE08 800÷900 W
PROTHERM CVE11 1050÷1150 W
PROTHERM CVE15 1400÷1600 W
PROTHERM CVE15S 1400÷1600 W
PROTHERM CVE20 2000÷2200 W
PROTHERM CVE25S 2400÷2750 W
PROTHERM CVE30 2850÷3150 W
PROTHERM CVE40 3950÷4100 W
PROTHERM CVE60 5600÷5950 W