WLA Precision R410

//WLA Precision R410

WLA Precision R410

Structure: galvanised and polyester powdercoated structure. Colour std RAL7035 orange peel.

Compressors: scroll compressors with overload thermal protection, rubber antivibration mounts and oil charge.
Evaporator: AISI 316 brazed plate heat exchanger complete of external anti-condensate insulation. The exchange is made through two indipendent alternating water/freon refrigerant circuits with cross flow to maximise the efficency. The evaporator is complete of differential pressure switch and antifreeze alarm.

Condenser: heat exchange coil with aluminium fins and copper tubes. The coils are complete with integral subcooling circuit to assure the correct operation of the components.

Fans: helical fans direct coupled to electric motor. The fan is placed into a nozzle to increase the efficiency and reduce the noise. The fan speed control is included.

Refrigerant circuit: multiple refrigerant circuit with

  • dehydrator filter
  • sight glass
  • high pressure switch
  • low pressure switch
  • compressor discharge shut off valve

Electrical panel: includes

  • main insulator switch
  • compressor circuit breaker
  • fan overload circuit breaker
  • control contactor


  • fan control contactor
  • phase cut fan speed control
  • C2020 controller

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UL Certification
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Code Cooling capacity PowerSupply (V-ph-Hz) HxWxD Downloads
WLAJ0 96000 W 400-3-50 2200X1140X2400
WLAL0 112000 W 400-3-50 2200X1140X2400
WLAM7 130000 W 400-3-50 2200X1140X2400