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WLA Precision R407 | Cosmotec

WLA Precision R407

//WLA Precision R407

WLA Precision R407



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UL Certification
The UL for our products can be downloaded directly on the UL website at the following link:
In the search form, insert stulz spa in the comapy name box.
It will appear a list of the downloadable documents.

Do you need further information or documentation such as STEP files, technical drawings? Just fill this form and we will send you whatever you need!

Code Cooling capacity PowerSupply(V-ph-Hz) HxWxD Downloads
WLAB8 29000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1450X700X1650
WLAC2 32000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1450X700X1650
WLAC8 41000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2000
WLAD8 51000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2000
WLAG2 72000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2400
WLAH8 90500 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2400