WLA Precision R407

//WLA Precision R407

WLA Precision R407



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UL Certification
The UL for our products can be downloaded directly on the UL website at the following link:
In the search form, insert stulz spa in the comapy name box.
It will appear a list of the downloadable documents.

Code Cooling capacity PowerSupply(V-ph-Hz) HxWxD Downloads
WLAB8 29000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1450X700X1650
WLAC2 32000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1450X700X1650
WLAC8 41000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2000
WLAD8 51000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2000
WLAG2 72000 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2400
WLAH8 90500 W 400/460-3-50/60 1820X1140X2400