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PROTHERM Outdoor | Cosmotec


//PROTHERM Outdoor


The new Protherm line extends the models range in order to meet any installation requirement. The new product family includes air conditioners for electronic enclosures both indoor (CVE) and outdoor (CVO).

The new Protherm range assures the best performance and highest efficiency, maintaining a compact size.

Cooling capacity from 360 to 3600 W.

Thanks to the introduction of new components and of SEM and SEM2 is possible to obtain up to 23% of energy saving, with an increase of the air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

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UL Certification
The UL for our products can be downloaded directly on the UL website at the following link:
In the search form, insert stulz spa in the comapy name box.
It will appear a list of the downloadable documents.

Do you need further information or documentation such as STEP files, technical drawings? Just fill this form and we will send you whatever you need!

Version Cooling Capacity (W)Power Supply (V-ph-Hz)Dimensions (mm) HxWxD
CVO05002208000550-580230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO05002288000500-550400/460-2-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO05U12208000580230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO05U12038000580115-1-60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO0500212800050048 VDC636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO08002208000850-900230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO08002288000800-850400/460-2-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO08U12208000900230-1-50/60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO08U12038000900115-1-60636 x 314,5 x 233
CVO110022080001100-1150230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO110022880001050-1100400/460-2-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO11U122080001150230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO11U120380001150115-1-60906 x 412,5 X 271,5
CVO150022080001500-1600230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO150022880001400-1500400/460-2-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO15U122080001600230-1-50/60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO15U120380001600115-1-60906 x 412,5 x 271,5
CVO15U126280001500400/460-3-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
CVO200022080002100-2200230-1-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
CVO200026180002200230-1-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
CVO20U122080002200230-1-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
CVO20U120380002200115-1-60999 x 412,5 x 286
CVO20U126280002100400/460-3-50/60999 x 412,5 x 286
CVO400022080004000-4100230-1-50/601211 x 514 x 370
CVO400026180003950-4050400/460-3-50/601211 x 514 x 370
CVO40U122080004100230-1-50/601211 x 514 x 370
CVO40U126280004050400/460-3-50/601211 x 514 x 370
CVO600026180005600-5950400/460-3-50/601399 x 556 x 428
CVO60U126280005950400/460-3-50/601399 x 556 x 428